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36. Wish You Were Here: Birds of Flightless Feathers

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on April 29, 2017

Initially, it was a last-minute outing I did not planned on joining.

What happened to me in the last week of year 2017 is happening to Encik. While Encik has the part-time dispatch job to pull the family through until he finds a new job, comparative to me whose car license was not put to good use ie earning income via Grab/Uber just because I sucked Geography.

I felt indignant Encik was made to suffer the same; by no fault of his though as he was a victim to political plays at his own workplace. To the person who did this; I hope you sleep well at night.

It’s ok; if you did not get the retributions in Life, you can’t escape the Afterlife.

My mood was dampened further upon no interview callbacks; the enormity of having to tender two months’ weighing heavily on my shoulders.

Happiness can be found,

Even in the darkest of times,

If one only remembers to turn on the light

It is then I realised I am stressing myself for nothing.

Encik has repeatedly assured me he knows what he is doing, and I should trust him. And I should stop beating myself after rejecting a job offer, believing I can do so much better.

If the boon is meant to be mine; it will be mine eventually. No matter how long it takes.

After persuasion from Encik and self prep talk, we joined the outing with the usual suspects.

Weather was cloudy with streaks of drizzle.

The kids went wild at the wet playground; something normal and expected. While the Dads tend to their kids’ whims and fancies, the Mums sat a corner catching up over some nasi lemaks and roti boyans.

I swear; the adults easily lose 5 to 10kgs pushing pulling the strollers and wagons up and down the slope. The only saving grace is that Jurong Bird Park is relatively smaller than the Singapore Zoo so all that pushing pulling is not that bad.

Looking at the pictures taken, I realise there are so much to be grateful for.

The biggest killer of humanity is cancer of the mind.


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