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37. A Chance

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on May 1, 2017

A non-existent but wise man once said this:

Make your passion your profession, and work will become a game.

It is about making a living out of your passion; so that work becomes a game that excites and motivates you instead of turning into a routine that wears you down.

No other sister in this world is happier than me or TJ when Gendut finally secure a proper job. While this means TJ can now relax and have the luxury of entertaining the option of storming off from her workplace in fits of anger since there is another source of contribution to the household (does not involve mine of course); it is a bittersweet reflection on my part.

Gendut – in my opinion –  has always been an introvert; the quieter one among my siblings. In spite so; he is able to hold a conversation with any stranger; albeit if being approached. 

I could never forget the day I found him staring hard at a piece of paper. I swore if he stared any harder; the paper would have burst into flames. Turned out he was practising all the possible convos that might occur with the KFC operator when he wanted to order. (Ie. He lost to scissors-paper-stone and was made to do the ordering the first time).

That is how a unique character of my second sibling aka the third child of our family is.

While I am happy that he found a job where he can utilise his knowledge and his degree, I am not surprised that he chose to study and major in a line that involves minimal human interaction ie electrical engineering.

I’d be lying if I didn’t feel jealous that he found a job that suits his passion. How many people I knew had turned their passion into work?



One or two cousins. Or friends. Or even acquaintances.

While I get what Mr Rancho is trying to putacross; in reality,  most people – including yours truly have difficulty pursuing our respective trade of interests.

Just to name one or two examples:

  • TJ – A Diploma holder in Biochemical Engineering and major in Material Engineering during her NUS stint. Of course; she had intended to pursue what she had learnt.

However; the past few jobs she held specialises more to childcare and special needs childcare.

  • Me; how does someone who holds an Manufacturing Engineering ITC certificate ends up doing Sales; even in the interim of a Diploma in Logistics Management.

To my credit, it is not as if I have not tried applying for another position before; all callbacks lead back to the same line; regardless of industry: Sales.

In the end; it all boils down to two words: a chance.

If Burger Pimp had not taken a blind leap of faith by hiring me, I wonder if I continue flitting from one place to another; all within the F&B industry.

The answer will be an astounding yes and I will have hated office jobs basing on my shipyard work experience alone.

At the oddest times of the days; I wondered how my life would have turned out if:

  • I passed and got selected as Combat Engineer in the SAF or
  • I defy Mama to pursue engineering with SIA.
  • Even better; I scored enough credits for my ‘O’s to study Hotel Management (initial dream was to work at Abah’s alma mater; Hilton Hotel)
  • Or write and publish short stories as a ghost writer

Turning 35 years old in few months’ time; I guess I will never know.

Life is too short for regrets too.

However; I will not say I am at a sad place either.

When one door closes, another one opens.

For those times when things did not work in my favour; an alternate choice led me to a different path where it made me realise that the road less taken was well worth it too.

You know; all those movies or dramas about how the main protagonist fall from grace only to rise to glory and soar high?

What these screens did not highlight is Luck. Preferably; with heaps of blinding leap of faith.

Still; what reel and real life have in common boils down to these two words: a chance.


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