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39. Dumb(…Not!) Ways To Die

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on May 19, 2017

Just like any other public uproar; Singapore is slowly quietening herself down as normalcy resumes.

That is until the next furore is triggered.

Never had a Presidential dismissal for clemency petition spark so much controversy and bring about split opinions.

Or churn out obvious conspiracy theories.

Muhammad Ridzuan Md Ali – a drug trafficker – was executed by hanging at 5am this morning.

Full story here.

To me; witnessing people’s reactions evoke two strong emotions in me: disappointment and resolve.

Disappointed that some of my friends can be so judgemental.

He know it is an offence, but he choose to do it… It is his own undoing.

If he succeed in bringing in the stuffs; he is causing more addicts to breed.

The last one does not make sense to me.

Taking for example; JJ (no, not Joned Jellyfish) who is doing time in DRC; will be released but via tagging. He had written us a letter; explaining why he did it.

It was never for fun.

Recalling excerpts from Mr Russell Brand’s moving tribute to the late Amy Winehouse;

The priority of any addict is to anaesthetise the pain of living to ease the passage of the day with some purchased relief.

Having said that; I am also sure if given the chance no one wants to be a trafficker. 

We are what we are by circumstances and not by choices.

Like me being stuck in a Sales line. Then again; this is not about me.

It amuse me how forgetful some people that they have kids of their own to be condemning the late Mr Ridzuan’s parents for not taking Mr Ridzuan in hand until it is too late.

Ladies and gentlemen; he was twenty five when he was caught.


He is not five years old.

Or sixteen.

Or twenty-one; but twenty-five.

According to Islamic law; he is four years way past his parents’ obligations. He had the ability to think and differentiate the rights from the wrongs.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

Again; we do not do the actual story except what the social media dictates. Hell. We did not even hear his side of story.

So, who are we to condemn his parents?

It made me resolve to form a closer bond with the people around me; especially with my family of four and specially with the kids.

It never occurred to me that the gravest danger—to him and, as it turned out, to so many others—might come from within.
(Susan Klebold)

We want the best for our kids; so much so we grit our teeth to protect them from the world.

Often; we forget they need protecting from themselves the most.

I can only pray fervently that though things might get difficult but at least my kids trust me enough to approach me with the problems they are facing in future.

So no; I do not get the condemning part.

Hate the sin, not the sinner…

… Although; it is a different story if the sin is adultery.


I was affected in a way I could never imagined; the late Ridzuan might have been someone I have worked with in my teens.

His face upon further scrutiny was faintly familiar. Lately, I found myself wondering what happened to my former LJS colleagues

I found myself praying hard that my Ridzuan and the late Ridzuan were not the same person. I am fervently praying that my Ridzuan has successfully become a skateboarder; just like he aspired to.

Back to the late Ridzuan; asides from the possibility I might be affliated to him in the past, I could not help feeling envy at his demise.

We all know nothing is constant except Death, and Death, itself, is a certainty.

We just do not know when Death beckons when our time is up. It is something which I find myself questioning.

Do not get me wrong.

I am not afraid of Death.

To quote Dumbledore;

“After all, to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”

But if I want to go for my next great adventure; I have to make sure I am spiritually ready for it.

I worry if I am performing my prayers properly and if so; are my prayers being accepted by Allah swt.

I worry if I am able to repent in time and seek forgiveness from everyone.

I worry if I have taught my kids enough and leaving independent and wise intellects; both spiritually and mentally.

From hearsay; the late Ridzuan spent six years repenting spiritually, even managing to perform solat Taubat Nasuha  in his last few hours.


How many of us are actually given the luxury to know when we will go? And to be given time to be mentally and spiritually prepared in the face of Death.

Not many, I would say.

Both my maternal grandmother and Mama got their wish of not wanting to burden their loved ones’ during their last breath.

If I have to go; I want to choose easiest way where I don’t cause inconvenience to my loved ones.

At their passings; both did not have to undergo post-mortem.

I want to die doing the things I love.

For some friends; they prefer to die in their sleep.

A handful; on the road since they are hardcore riders.

Some do not have a preference; with one only saying as long as she has the time to recant the syahadah.

For me; if given a choice, I will want to take a leaf out of the late Qari Sheikh Ja’far Abdulrahman’s book, and go while reading the Quran, not neccessarily in front of many people though.

In my opinion; nothing is beautiful than being send of while your whole being is immersed with the words of Al-Quran.

In shaa Allah.

For we only plan; and He decides.


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