because love's the is so wonderful that i couldn't ask for more than this.

41. Miss Kitty Skechers

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on June 17, 2017

​Kitty Skechers: Salam gerls

I nak cakap but jgn shock ok

between us

KotakPermataHati: Yes?

Ada apa KS?

Mycallalillies: Yes dear..

Everything ok?

KS: I dun noe who to share onli u gerls doctor

KPH: Apa doa KS

KS: Doctor diagnose growth ony kidney cancer 90%

I don want my family know da banyak the go tru

Especially Princess having PSLE.

Just like that.

That feeling where it is like  you are being lifted 200-storey high building by a lifting crane sans safety gear and without any warning; the crane grab just release you to plunge to your end.

The bad part?

This is the second news about a loved’s one whose condition taking a turn for the worse. First was knowing Abah’s latest medical condition post-emergency surgery. And now; this.

The worst part?

It is not even middle part of the year, yet.

Ya Allah ya Rabb, please fulfill my wish of making through this year with my loved ones.



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