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60. 2018

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on January 21, 2018

First and foremost, I apologise for the inactivities of my blog.

Asides from ten (and counting…) drafts screaming at me, waiting to be written, I suspect I am officially suffering what they call as blogger’s blog.

You know how it is.

A brilliant idea forms in your head but the moment you want to put it into writings; something came up demanding your immediate attention and when you resume… all that is left is… zilch.


It felt it was only yesterday I was complaining Time seemed to drag, crawling like a uncertain snail.

That was in mid week of the month of January 2017.

Before I knew it; we are in the mid week of the month of January 2018.


The year of Dog.

According to a Chinese zodiac reading; whoever who was borne in the year of Dog; overall luck is less than favourable. However, financial income will be streaming through and fro.

I found that contradicting.

If overall luck is less than favourable; how could there be flow of monies streaming in and out?

Another reading indicated a different thing: overall luck will be good since well; this is the year of Dog and every dog has its own day.

Seriously; if you ask me, it does not changes everything.

The Dog; a puny creature, and the Rat; another creature, still have to care for a young Dragonling and a Horseling as part of legal family requirements.

Asides from contending with the hyperactive and noisy young ones; the sudden move of alignment in the stars or the whole Solar System will blah blah blah…

Sure; zodiac readings are fun to read but as a Muslim, I do not really put my thoughts into it.

I do not believe being borne in year of 1982 or in the month of October dictates your life and how you should behave.

We are what we set our mind and heart to be.

If we think we are failures; we live our whole lives living thinking we are failures.

If we set our minds to be successful; in shaa Allah, we will draw strength to parry on when the going gets tough.

What is important is faith in Him and knowing for sure He knows what is best for you; all in the right time and the right place.


I will still be a year older.

Hopefully, wiser and aging gracefully.

I am responsible for two lovely kids who never fail to evoke various emotions in me. For the record; it is reassuring that switching to a Momzilla mode in a minute and a civilised woman the next second is normal recurrence in motherhood.

My weight scale shows no sign of going south. So, let’s give up looking at the darned weighing scale and just assume I am 85kg this year.

I am still finding a new company who sees my working experiences and ethics as assets and is willing to take a gamle to employ me in spite of having to serve two months’ notice. Current company’s terms. If you are sorry that I have to endure two months’ resignation, all I can say I am grateful I am not a service engineer there.

Nothing changes, yet new things await.

Pahdawan will be in K2; which means he will be going to a primary school. We have been going through and fro about where he wants to go and I have to be in stealth Mummy Tiger’s mode when the Pri 1 registration starts.

Launching a business.

This act in itself is a tricky one due to competition clauses existing in all companies; hence that is why it is so important for me to be out of the company.

The gublets and I will be heading to Desaru on the last week of Jan 2018.

Yes, let that valuable piece of fact sink in.

Until last year; stepping out of the country for short getaways seems like a far away possibility that can only happen in near future.

And in my world; near-future means pratically non-existant or it is happening but in like 2884838399292 years.

A recent outing with the colleagues’ family to Kukup proved otherwise. Surprisingly, no tantrums and we enjoyed ourselves.

Possibly; there will be one or two more short getaways to neighbouring countries’ beaches.

If everything is in their place.

Some people will ask why I did not bring the kids overseas before when the reasons are so obvious.

But each to their own.

I mean; kita punya susah mana orang tahu.

Jemah, Jemah.

Also; the envy I felt upon my in-laws’ Umrah pilgrimage?

I decide to channel into positive energy and further my faith and iman.

Also; hopefully, 2018 will be the year I get a Class 2B license (I can’t talk about this to my colleagues without igniting their sniggers. So much for support! *fumes indignantly*)

Or at least progress to Practical 1.2.


They are hardly resolutions; considering I have to fulfill them.

Although; the Class 2B license seems to be in the works.

But if one wants to make a resolution; surprisingly; there is only one I am making and planning to stick to.

Inspired by Kristina Kuzmic, I will write about days where good things happened to me.

Yes, because good things do not happen everything.

But when they do; Mashaa’Allah, one can never do enough prostrates to Allah swt.

So far, so good.

What about your resolution for this year?

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