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66. When opportunity gone is still an opportunity lost.

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on July 18, 2018

At the end of the day; when your words get thrown back at your face in form of a meme; making the whole country realised what a hypocrite you and your people are.

Of course; this issue has two divided camps: those in favour and petitioning for MINDEF to defer and those who not in favour as they are convinced Mr Davis is finding excuse to escape from NS totally roping in Joseph Schooling into the fray.

The keyword here is defer.

That boy is in his golden age ie perfect form to play and represent Singapore for Fulham club. By the time he completed NS, such opportunity will not come by at all.

In the midst of theysays vs hesays shenninagans; the possibility of Ben Davis foregoing his citizenship is largely supported by the citizens, me included.

What is the point of holding a passport that allows you to go almost everywhere except fulfilling your dreams?

If similar opportunities presented itself to my kids;I will ask them to go the same route.

Any of games of their interests.

Disclaimer: E-gaming does not applies.


65. Dusk

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on April 29, 2018

Nature is painting for us,

day after day,

pictures of infinite beauty.

– John Ruskin

64. Tender

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on March 3, 2018

Ever since I experienced real heartbreak on 25th Sep 2011; I always dread reading messages from my phone.

Regardless of new phone.

Same bad tidings that never failed to make me stop whatever I was doing in my tracks.

Be it long due expected. Or unforeseen.


How foolish I was to think I can beat it.


Proven to me yet again; only He is the best Planner and in complete control of our destinies.

As one of the Bard’s everlasting quotes goes:

“All the world’s a stage. All the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances.”

I do not know when my exit will be; but your exit is one of the beautiful ones and I hope to emulate, my dear.

To quote Ms PermataHati; Nature has never grieved beauteously at someone’s passing before.

It had rained heavily to stop concensually to allow your burial to proceed and smoothly.

After the ceremony has ended; the supermoon, bathed in glorious hues of red, accompanied us the whole Friday night.

Thank you, Kitty Skechers, for the beautiful precious memories you have given us and thank you for reconnecting with each other.

Tender is the ghost
The ghost I love the most

Hiding from the sun

Waiting for the night to come
Tender is my heart
I’m screwing up my life

Lord I need to find

Someone who can heal my mind

Allahummaghfirlaha, warhamha, wa’aafiha, wa’fu’anha.

May we meet again under the vast bright blue sky with cotton-ish white clouds; surrounded by lush green grass and flowing river nearby and having a long chat to our hearts’ contents without any pain or worldly worries.

In shaa Allah.

61. Wish You Were Here: #Trippinwiththegublets to Desaru

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on January 27, 2018

It was the first of the firsts for this trip.

The first trip with the kids without Encik.

The first trip where I proscratinated changing to the local currency until I reached the resort itself. While we are on that note; serves me right because conversion rate threw me at the losing end.

It was the first time the kids and me actually spent the evening watching the TV and slept late.

Madame Butterfly and me went on Saturday while the rest proceeded on Friday night for obvious reasons.

Ferry trip across was a 30 minutes affair thru and fro. We were lucky ferry were not full on both trips. Something about being in the ferry made me miss my Tioman and Lang Tengah beaches so much.

Upon reaching, the kids were in good mood as they intrigued by sceneries of greens of palm trees and padias during the thirty minutes’ drive to Tanjung Balau.

We joined the group and went for a quick dip in the pool before driving out in search of dinner which was good and drew attention. Upon footing the bill, it was no wonder why the people surrounding us were staring at us. We finished RM700++ worth of seafood dishes!

Before calling it a day; we dropped by a local fruit-vendor near SKS supermarket for durian and pulasan session. The pulasan were finished off the next day when we were sitting at the beach.

Our stay at Tunamaya Beach Resort was a good one. Overall the accomodation was good with a balcony overloooking the beach from our room.

Unfortunately; just as the same as it was for the Kukup trip, we could have more fun if the trip was extended for another day.

Nevertheless as we made our way home for the ferry bound for Singapore, it was safe to conclude it was a fun trip.

What was a bonus was that it rained immediately when we reached Singapore, making the night a cooling one.

Another trip is already in the works.

Again, that is another story.

60. 2018

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on January 21, 2018

First and foremost, I apologise for the inactivities of my blog.

Asides from ten (and counting…) drafts screaming at me, waiting to be written, I suspect I am officially suffering what they call as blogger’s blog.

You know how it is.

A brilliant idea forms in your head but the moment you want to put it into writings; something came up demanding your immediate attention and when you resume… all that is left is… zilch.


It felt it was only yesterday I was complaining Time seemed to drag, crawling like a uncertain snail.

That was in mid week of the month of January 2017.

Before I knew it; we are in the mid week of the month of January 2018.


The year of Dog.

According to a Chinese zodiac reading; whoever who was borne in the year of Dog; overall luck is less than favourable. However, financial income will be streaming through and fro.

I found that contradicting.

If overall luck is less than favourable; how could there be flow of monies streaming in and out?

Another reading indicated a different thing: overall luck will be good since well; this is the year of Dog and every dog has its own day.

Seriously; if you ask me, it does not changes everything.

The Dog; a puny creature, and the Rat; another creature, still have to care for a young Dragonling and a Horseling as part of legal family requirements.

Asides from contending with the hyperactive and noisy young ones; the sudden move of alignment in the stars or the whole Solar System will blah blah blah…

Sure; zodiac readings are fun to read but as a Muslim, I do not really put my thoughts into it.

I do not believe being borne in year of 1982 or in the month of October dictates your life and how you should behave.

We are what we set our mind and heart to be.

If we think we are failures; we live our whole lives living thinking we are failures.

If we set our minds to be successful; in shaa Allah, we will draw strength to parry on when the going gets tough.

What is important is faith in Him and knowing for sure He knows what is best for you; all in the right time and the right place.


I will still be a year older.

Hopefully, wiser and aging gracefully.

I am responsible for two lovely kids who never fail to evoke various emotions in me. For the record; it is reassuring that switching to a Momzilla mode in a minute and a civilised woman the next second is normal recurrence in motherhood.

My weight scale shows no sign of going south. So, let’s give up looking at the darned weighing scale and just assume I am 85kg this year.

I am still finding a new company who sees my working experiences and ethics as assets and is willing to take a gamle to employ me in spite of having to serve two months’ notice. Current company’s terms. If you are sorry that I have to endure two months’ resignation, all I can say I am grateful I am not a service engineer there.

Nothing changes, yet new things await.

Pahdawan will be in K2; which means he will be going to a primary school. We have been going through and fro about where he wants to go and I have to be in stealth Mummy Tiger’s mode when the Pri 1 registration starts.

Launching a business.

This act in itself is a tricky one due to competition clauses existing in all companies; hence that is why it is so important for me to be out of the company.

The gublets and I will be heading to Desaru on the last week of Jan 2018.

Yes, let that valuable piece of fact sink in.

Until last year; stepping out of the country for short getaways seems like a far away possibility that can only happen in near future.

And in my world; near-future means pratically non-existant or it is happening but in like 2884838399292 years.

A recent outing with the colleagues’ family to Kukup proved otherwise. Surprisingly, no tantrums and we enjoyed ourselves.

Possibly; there will be one or two more short getaways to neighbouring countries’ beaches.

If everything is in their place.

Some people will ask why I did not bring the kids overseas before when the reasons are so obvious.

But each to their own.

I mean; kita punya susah mana orang tahu.

Jemah, Jemah.

Also; the envy I felt upon my in-laws’ Umrah pilgrimage?

I decide to channel into positive energy and further my faith and iman.

Also; hopefully, 2018 will be the year I get a Class 2B license (I can’t talk about this to my colleagues without igniting their sniggers. So much for support! *fumes indignantly*)

Or at least progress to Practical 1.2.


They are hardly resolutions; considering I have to fulfill them.

Although; the Class 2B license seems to be in the works.

But if one wants to make a resolution; surprisingly; there is only one I am making and planning to stick to.

Inspired by Kristina Kuzmic, I will write about days where good things happened to me.

Yes, because good things do not happen everything.

But when they do; Mashaa’Allah, one can never do enough prostrates to Allah swt.

So far, so good.

What about your resolution for this year?

57. Constant Episodes

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Parents happiness affects how big a family will grow. I can see that in my ‘in house google geng😁 – Ummu Sarah Saima

55. 35

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52. Silvery Night 2017

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on October 5, 2017

Just like the past year; around this time of the year, my service yard is littered by noise.

It was of a rather pleasant kind. Neighbours came together to celebrate the Lantern Festival. As compared to Boon Lay which had her noisy quirk of her own; I felt warmth tingling on my toes as I watched the young mingled with the elders, various races watching spellbound by the both the lanterns they lit and the beautiful silvery full moon.

It brought back some fond childhood memories too.

Unfortunately; due to the Gublets’ sleeping time and the fact that I overlooked the neighbourhood’s memo about the celebration made it impossible to join in the fun.

The Pahdawan kept asking me if it was ok for us to go down and joined the fun as he was observing the crowd with me from the service yard.

I know it looks fun down there, dearie but unfortunately, not this year.

49. Loco For Ringo

Posted in A Series of Misfortunate Events by justlikeasugar on September 16, 2017

Initially; it was supposed to be a visit to see the latest addition of RAs’ edition of Eiss and Aisyah’s. As conversation got dragged deeper in catching up; I ended up following my cousins to Uncle Ringo’s fair, held at Jurong Point.

It was ironic considering I did not know about Uncle Ringo or planned on going even after finding out about its existence.

Before reaching, I have had my reservations and even wanted to can halfway for a simple reason: I foresee dragging the Gublets off home due to having too much fun.

I was glad I did not follow through.

We paid for a card package which see the kids through a paddling waterboat activity, swing carousel and for some strange reason, a crane operating activity.

The main highlight of the fair was the Gublets enjoying themselves. Seeing their joy reminded me of a memory of being in a roller-coaster when I was younger.

It was another time.

Another phase.

A time where Venusrazella, Cuzzy Y and Bro Hashim were easily located within Singapore. A time where she was still around.

I hope the organisers make Uncle Ringo a yearly affair.

Being an adult in Singapore is not as scary as being a kid. As sand playgrounds were demolished to make way for useless playground – thanks but no thanks to HMFD and pressure-cooker education, Uncle Ringo provide a good distraction and embrace all things that are well… kid-ish.

The big bonus was when upon reaching home, the kids washed up and KO without all the usual drama.

Below was one of my favourite pictures to date. Favourite because my favourite kiddos are in it. Memorable because well; for what excitement is worth, the kids seem to handle it well. Their mums and auntie on the other hand were too excited, they ended up making the most cheerful noise there.

You are never too old or too young to get on swings.

48. Overwhelmed

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It is definitely the recurring word for the past weeks; as D-day approaches.

Abah finally decided this week would be his last after several postponings of moving back to Boon Lay upon the completion of the house’s renovation.

The whole decision itself evoked mixed reactions within me.

Relieved that the house is back to its original occupancy as the past two months due their temporary stay. Movement and space became slightly restrictive and adjustments were made to re-accomodate to everyone.

This part did not bother Encik and me the slightest bit.

Sad because this also means we are back to our usual routine. The empty feeling knowing no one awaits me and the kids when we reached home. Standard lights out means 2130 hours and that is that.

Slightly glad that we are getting back our personal space.

Do not get me wrong.

The past two months were by far one of the best ones for this year. I got the chance to celebrate Eid Aidil Fitri with my biological family. Communicating face-to-face has a better feel than catching up over video calls/Whatsapp. More importantly, it was easier to monitor Abah’s condition.

However; it also reminded me how it is like living with them prior. I have forgotten we used to drive each other crazy when we were living in the same space before I got married.

Even when ASB (Angin Satu Badan who is the youngest among us siblings… complimentary or insult depending on the situation, just accept he as he comes la kan) and Gendut moved back a week ago.

With the “AV” member of the original household gone; my weekend movie marathon was no longer.

As if separation anxiety is not nagging at the back of my head enough, I am going another kind of special crazy at workplace.

Last year; a vessel with a vile bitchy name – thanks to this, I illogically dislike anyone who shares the same name as the vessel – caused me sleepless nights and endless berates from the Director; let’s call him Ostrich.

His perfectionism is out of this world.

I am not kidding.

It was frustrating and you felt you were treading on a minefield hourly. I had to admit though, I learnt to understand, coordinate and supply parts better when faced with pressure and utilise Time fully when it constrained.

Through a bizarre twist of Fate, I was made to handle another project for another vessel.

Thanks but no thanks to Kravy Kev; the Project Manager who keeps approaching me for parts sourcing. Within the same day where I collate and emailed KK the information, Ostrich came out the room just to tell me I was assigned the project; overseeing the parts.

To no one’s surprise, my team immediately sniggered hearing that.

While at least this vessel has no vile bitchy female name, the fact that the vessel has been laid down in the yard for the past three years is not a good thing either.

Let’s just say, they should just build a new vessel instead of complete overhaul.

Just to offer bolts-nuts-washers for bearing stage, I spent two days of going in and out of Ostrich’s room getting berated, listening to him berating and watching him berating someone else because the suppliers could not offer fast enough.

He seems to have conveniently forgot about that Time Zone exists. Which is ironic for someone who is not local born. Or local bred.

While this mean indefinite sleepless nights, I pray to keep calm and stay cool (ya ya I know they mean the same) when pressing situations ensue.

With dramatic moments beckon around the corner, chaos are sure to ensue.

Some people just love watching the world burn.